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Apilador automatico

CAR-ELEVA is adapted and prepared for the future of logistics automation and the transformation of warehouses and distribution centers to achieve maximum efficiency, flexibility and agility. Our logistics solutions department is always at your side to find the best proposal in terms of robotic innovation, which means that our automation solutions are always prepared for the future.


By understanding and analyzing your data, we optimize the performance of your operation. Our complete solutions include consulting, conceptual studies, project implementation, customer service, the best technologies and software, all tailored to the specific requirements of your business.

Since 1965, we have been providing services to facilitate the handling of all types of cargo. Over the years we have evolved to adapt to the continuous changes in the sector, until we reached what we are today.

Main milestones :

1965 The company is created under the name of Talleres Peña, in honor of its founder.

1978 The company becomes a Public Limited Company, acquiring the trade name of Car Eleva.

2019 CAR-ELEVA AND ASTI (Partner of Intralogistics), seal a collaboration agreement.

2022 ABB buys our partner ASTI MOBILE ROBOTICS and becomes the company with the largest portfolio of automatic logistics solutions in the European market.

Our mission is to accompany our clients by proposing automatic solutions adapted to the logistics needs of each of them without distinction and exclusively, all with the aim of increasing competitiveness, increasing flexibility, reducing the cost per operation carried out, reducing time delivery to the market and eliminate logistics operations that do not add value to the development of the company.

Today warehouses and logistics centers are exposed to the same constraints and pressures as manufacturing plants whose workflows are demanding and very high. Workflow automation ensures on-time order fulfillment while streamlining transfers and overall management of your internal logistics. Our AGV's move the right pallets in the right place and at the right time without compromising their integrity, obtaining full traceability, precise and rigorous processing of orders and shipments.

A system that you have full control over and that you can monitor in operation and manage its effectiveness in real time. A secure environment for your site, your loads and operators.

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