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Functional consulting and logistics processes to offer you the most efficient solution in automation, energy and cost efficiency. It is not always possible to automate without first taking some corrective actions, which is why we offer you a free study of your case. We advise you throughout the process, from the consulting phase to post-sale and maintenance of equipment and infrastructure. Each vehicle and type of navigation is suitable for different environments, we help you choose the best for your company




They are Automatic Guided Vehicles and can work dragging the loads using carts, pulling the load using trailers or lifting the load using platforms or forks.

They can be guided by laser with or without reflectors, magnetic stripe attached to the ground or datamatrix codes attached to the ground.

For orderly environments with few changes and the need to strictly comply with deliveries at their points, AGV vehicles will be needed.

For very dynamic environments and without a strict need for on-time delivery, AMR vehicles will be needed.




We install and maintain the range of automatic products from the Cleanfix firm, dedicated to professional cleaning for more than 45 years.
They are not a start-up, they are a reputable Swiss manufacturer of cleaning machines with over 45 years of experience.

Established in 1976 and based in eastern Switzerland, Cleanfix Reinigungssystem AG develops, builds and sells cleaning solutions for every need.


Heavy-duty cleaning robots, specially made for industrial use.

Get to know our range of industrial and commercial floor cleaning robots. Careleva offers cleaning robots for dry or wet floors in large areas.

Manufactured and designed in Switzerland!

Enter the era of autonomous floor cleaning with us!

Fregadora automatica



We carry out preventive maintenance tasks on your machine park, with the latest tools on the market and with the best professionals in automation and robotics.

We also have a team of qualified professionals to carry out the necessary corrective and predictive tasks in each situation.

Possibility of remote assistance by phone or email.

We carry out training for your maintenance or production teams so that your company is covered at all times and is more autonomous.

We accompany you at all times.

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