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With minimal dimensions, high load capacity and excellent manoeuvrability, the Flexley Tug range is a powerful, simple, safe and flexible solution for pulling carts. Renowned for their performance and safety, they are the workhorses of intralogistics in 24/7 tow applications.

Unsurpassed Flexibility – Capable of complex movements to streamline your operations better than ever.

New features: faster, more agile, ergonomic and with a greater load capacity.

Intelligent connectivity: real-time information to facilitate data analysis and decision making.

Why Flexley Tug

Characterized by their ease of installation and use and their proven performance, our AMRs provide optimal operation that translates into greater productivity and a reduction in the operating costs of your intralogistics.

Our Flexley Tug robots provide a solution that is easy to install, use and maintain. Our new 2.0 evolution also integrates the latest SLAM navigation technologies, faster battery charging systems and greater load capacity.

AGV de arrastre


Discover the advantages of our AMRs and their technical characteristics by downloading the datasheet.


The ideal drag solution for logistics and manufacturing flows. Our foolproof range of Flexley Tug vehicles can accommodate a wide variety of loading interfaces, including different types of carts and wheeled containers.

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