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The future of industry 4.0

Industria 4.0


We are experts in industrial processes, connectivity and customer service. We supply one of the key technologies of Industry 4.0 by designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining connected products. We offer connectivity and integration services with users, predictive maintenance and performance analysis with a deep understanding of plant performance, making multi-site comparisons, analyzing applications based on shifts...

Our mobile robots are not only the company's transport system, moving goods from one place to another, but they are also its "nervous system" due to the information they transmit, collect and transport. All of our mobile robots have a built-in PC and various sensors: they are like a walking IoT chip that constantly collects information.

Escaner de seguridad AGV


At ABB Robotics, people come first
Autonomous mobile robots are collaborative robots that
move safely in industrial environments, coexisting
with humans and hand trucks. At CAR-ELEVA, people
come first, which is why we make sure that all of our
products comply with the strictest safety standards.

AMRs complying with ISO 3691-4

Industrial trucks - Safety requirements and verification. Driverless industrial trucks and their systems.

Our AMRs are fully equipped with security:

  • Photocells and bumpers

  • Alert Systems

  • load sensors

  • safety PLC

  • Safety laser scanners

  • emergency stop buttons

Sistemas de guiado de AGV

Precise, reliable and flexible navigation systems.

Our different technologies can be used for the

vehicle location and navigation throughout the design

of the installation.

Magnetic navigation

The AMR reads the magnetic tape placed on the ground by means of a magnetic antenna.

Navegacion magnetica AGV

Laser navigation

Reflectors installed in strategic locations within the plant ensure that wherever the AMR is on the plant floor, it can detect three reflections of the laser beam emitted by its navigation module, allowing the AMR to determine its position precisely millimeter.

Navegacion laser de  AGV

QR navigation

The AMR reads the QR codes that are arranged on the ground like a matrix through its on-board camera to identify both its location and the instructions it must follow.

Navegacion optica AGV

Natural navigation

The system scans the environment to create virtual routes and maps.

Navegacion SLAM AGV

Double navigation

A combination of different navigation systems, switching from one mode to another depending on the position of the AMRs on the plant floor.

Navegacion DUAL AGV


A combination of different sensors and cameras allow the AGV to better interpret the environment by making a map of virtual images.

Navegacion visual slam AGV


Our full range of power systems

Provide an efficient charging strategy and powerful batteries to guarantee the autonomy that our AMRs need to work.

Sistema de carga AGV

Charging systems

Manual battery swap

The AMR moves to the battery change position when it detects a charge level below the programmed limit and the operator performs the change.

Sistema de carga manual AGV

Online charging (wireless)

The AMR automatically connects to a charger during periods of inactivity.


Move your AMRs at the pace of your facilities with our software solutions

ABB's AMR software systems allow us to connect our vehicle fleets to your systems and ensure seamless integration between our vehicles and your plant.

Our AMR software system is divided into different modules, each of which is responsible for different tasks. Our Fleet Management System (FMS) is in charge of the connection with the management system of your company and the management of the orders to be carried out by our AMR in the most efficient way. It also manages traffic rules, priorities and interaction with all elements of the plant, ensuring a smooth workflow and maximum performance from our system. In addition, our traceability manager keeps track of all events, anomalies, orders, and signals to enable you to make informed decisions about the AMR system.

Sistema control flota AGV

AMR Fleet Manager:

Responsible for collecting all orders and translating them into movements to be carried out by AMRs.

Technology: Server or PLC based to best suit your plant needs.

Transparency: Seamlessly integrate your business software with your new AMR system by following our predefined interfaces. Plus, let your plant operators interact with the AMR system using our web-based and tablet-based user interfaces.

Connectivity: Optimize your internal automation and logistics needs by taking advantage of our two-way communication with your plant's peripheral devices.

Traceability – Make more informed decisions about your AMR system as all data is captured and made available to you. Ensure full control over all movements and events that happen in your workshop.

Sistema de monitoreo AGV

Monitoring system

Web-based live view of the AMR system. Together with events, anomalies, orders and signals, it allows customers to have full control of what happens in the plant. With this data, system performance can be monitored and any deviations quickly detected.

Live feedback: Continuous information on what is happening in the plant at all times: from AMR movements to possible anomalies or events.

Data First – Data-driven decision making through KPI dashboards that help our clients track performance and make informed maintenance decisions.

Easy to use – Graphical user interface that is designed with a user-centric approach, making it easy for anyone with basic knowledge of AMR to use.

Flexibility: Different functionalities that adapt to your needs: from basic visualization to an advanced plan with FMS (Fleet Management System) interactions.

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