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The future of autonomous industrial cleaning


More than 500 satisfied customers around the world. The new XL model with app control and optional stand-alone docking station for 24/7 cleaning.

Freagadora automatica
Fregadora automatica

The RA660 Navi XL is perfect for all applications where cleanliness and hygiene are of paramount importance. Equipped with an intelligent cleaning algorithm, three cleaning brushes and a powerful suction nozzle, the RA660 Navi XL is capable of cleaning almost any hard surface completely autonomously, even in complex and crowded areas. With its newly designed user interface and remote control, you have full control over your cleaning assistant, no matter where you are. With the new autonomous docking station, based on the KUKA charging assistant carla_connect, 24/7 cleaning can be enabled through automatic water filling and battery charging.

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