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HYBRIX is the easy-to-use collaborative stacker 

         Paso 1: Pick up the pallet manually

         Paso 2: Indicate the destination from its screen

         Paso 3: Hybrix delivers it and returns to the pickup point automatically



It is the simplest solution to improve logistics processes in mixed environments, where traditional and innovative solutions coexist, since it is quickly integrated into any workflow, without the need for additional intrastructure. HYBRIX is easy to deploy, program and use, thanks to fully integrated ANT navigation software. HYBRIX is specifically designed to optimize the transportation of goods without forcing a change in the material flow process.

If you want to elevate your business towards advanced logistics processes, APTIX is the perfect solution to integrate into your current work environment, without the need to install additional infrastructure. APTIX features fully integrated ANT navigation software, allowing for quick and easy installation, programming and ease of use. It is also safe in mixed environments. The shift towards fully autonomous logistics processes is in your hands with APTIX, designed to optimize the entire process: from picking to unloading. 

Example of use in collaborative mode

Automatic transport with operator present in the picking area

Picking area

We manually pick up the pallet, manipulating the stacker as if it were a manual machine, and press the AUTO button.

The AMR switches to automatic mode and initiates movement to the selected delivery area from its own factory screen, tablet or PC.


The AMR automatically unloads the pallet in the area that we have indicated and returns to the picking area or to another predefined area where it is necessary to repeat this task of manual loading and shipping in AUTO.

Automatic mode

Automatic transport without operator in the picking area

Through the ANT server, it obeys the predefined pickup and delivery orders on our map in a fully automatic way.

With ANT navigation software, everything in your warehouse is under control

The logistics evolution is guided by ANT software, an autonomous navigation technology, which guarantees the best navigation of the robots, in line with the operating environment. ANT offers easy connection to the system for quick installation and the benefits of a Plug&Play solution.
ANT centralizes every aspect of automation under the control of intuitive, easy-to-use software in all warehouse environments, even mixed, unpredictable ones, for constant optimization of transit times.
With the advanced fleet and mission management system to optimize on-site operations, you can also monitor key performance indicators anytime and anywhere through the dashboard, to keep machinery, fleet, system and the mission status.


Quick installation thanks to the intuitive HMI in just a few steps it is possible to connect the machine to the system, create the map of the area and generate actions. There is no need for additional infrastructure thanks to the natural navigation technology and the high precision of the navigation system, the Machine can always locate itself on the map and move autonomously towards the target.


Create a raw map of the site by driving the vehicle manually, with the tiller or joystick. Next, clean up the map in the ANT lab, removing dynamic objects and defining permanent features that the vehicle will use as a reference for localization


Create the different vehicle routes and then define actions.
You can also configure the vehicle's driving mode and configure devices to define how the vehicle interacts with chargers and elevators, for example


All machines operate autonomously according to mission scheduling. It is also possible to cooperate with the machines by activating manual mode and steering using the rudder, if present. No need for highly qualified personnel, quick integration into existing workflow.
Easy to modify Routes and Actions following production/logistics changes. Perfect solutions for dynamic environments.



The operator can monitor the status of the mission and call the machine when the goods are ready to be transported.


From the MAR screen itself or from different touch screens installed in the environment it is possible to request the AGV to assign is how to request a TAXI


The AMR will respond to the orders it receives from a higher control layer or ERP hosted on a dedicated server


Complete dashboard with KPIs and fleet status to monitor.

FLEET MONITORING in a single screen overview with traffic status, mission scheduling and event list.

COMPLETE DASHBOARD to monitor KPIs and have a complete overview.

ALARMS on your screen while the APP is running in the background and periodic reports.

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