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Safety and PRL is

Fully customizable and very compact aerial platforms for maintenance and storage tasks



Faraone's Elevah range offers a wide range of aerial platforms for maintenance and handling (picking) for warehouse work; Compact machines with little weight that allow working at a height of up to 8 m. increasing the level of safety and ergonomics of the operator, as well as halving the time, fatigue and costs of the work to be carried out by the operator.

Elevah machines can be self-propelled and with electric elevation (they move through an electrical system from one area to another without getting off the basket) or by manual traction and electric elevation (the operator moves it manually from one work area to the other ).

EN-280 Standard The Elevah aerial platforms allow maintenance operations to be carried out, while the picking machines are used for material collection or storage operations, EN 3691-1 standard

Elevah has very compact and lightweight models specifically designed for the needs of industries, offices, shops, theaters, museums, etc. Elevah one-person elevators allow easy access or movement, even in very narrow spaces such as elevators. The available models are differentiated by the maximum working height they reach, by their capacity, possibility of customization, and low weight along with other features that make them especially suitable for certain situations such as the INOX range.

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